Shredder usage advice

Mulch made with your Shredder Chipper

The versatile Globe Shredder Chipper is three efficient machines in one – it shreds – it chips – it grinds and can do all three at the same time.

As a chipper – the Globe is a fast, SAFE, wood-chipper. It chips branches and woody stems quickly and efficiently into small, even-sized, chips perfect for mulching or incorporation into compost. No need to pay the garden centre price for bark or woodchips – MAKE YOUR OWN!  

As a shredder – the Globe is a powerful, high-volume shredder of leaves, weeds, twigs, hedge and shrub prunings, dead flowers, straw, paper, bracken, heather, sea-weed, pine and fir cones… almost anything organic…for mulching or composting. It cleans up all your garden refuse – FAST – and produces mulch and compost free for the making.

As a grinder – the Globe is a fast, effective, grinder of turf, earth clods, bones, sea-shells, lumps of dried manure… Use it to reduce rootballs of dead pot plants to fine, granular, potting soil. Make your own compost mixes by grinding together soil, peat, sand, compost, etc. You can’t do that in most other shredder chippers!

If you have a garden it inevitably produces debris: weeds, dead flowers, autumn leaves, prunings, gone-to-seed vegetables… You have to dispose of it all – to keep the place tidy, if nothing else. It takes time and effort to bag it for collection, it costs time and petrol to take it to the tip – and it’s all very wasteful. With a Globe Shredder Chipper you can dispose of it all much more efficiently – and create FREE beneficial mulch and compost material at the same time.

Spread shredded material as a mulch 2-3 inches (50-75mm) deep in borders and shrub beds to suppress weed growth, conserve soil moisture, and reduce or eliminate the need for hoeing. Mulch decomposes slowly to improve soil structure, encourages earthworms – which drag the mulch down into the top layer of soil to improve fertility and drainage.

Dig in composted shreddings and chippings to return beneficial nutrients to the soil and improve its structure. Compost improves drainage in heavy soils and adds texture and water-retentivity to light sandy soils. It is the ultimate organic fertiliser – and it comes free when you make your own. You get something for nothing – and save the cost of throwing it away!

Make better leafmould than ever before by shredding the leaves first. Even large leaves like horse chestnut break down in only one year after shredding – the hard petioles too!

The Globe Shredder Chipper helps you recycle all your organic garden debris in double-quick time. Maybe you’ve already tried a shredder – possibly one of the little electric ones – and found it took too long to do what you wanted it to do. Or maybe you’ve worn it out. That won’t happen with a Globe! This is a big-hearted machine that will work as fast as you can feed it and go on working for you, year after year.

Globe Shredder Chippers are built better to shred, chip and grind better – longer and more reliably – than any other. All models are ruggedly built of solid plate steel – no tinplate here! Everything is craftsman-built from the finest materials to give you a long, trouble-free, life of continuous operation. For the ultimate beneficial combination, use your Globe Shredder Chipper in conjunction with one of our Compost Tumblers to make the finest WEED-FREE garden compost.