Forester Shredder Chipper

Forester Shredder Chipper

10-hp Diesel or 13-hp Petrol Engine

Well-designed professional products for serious gardeners, country estates, landscapers, smallholders, local authorities.

British made. BS EN294:1992 compliant

Choice of 10-hp Ruggerini diesel or 13-hp Kubota petrol engine, electric start.

Triple A-section V-belts.

Chips up to 4″ (100mm) diameter.

Shreds up to 5/8″ (l5mm) diameter.

1.6 cu.ft. (45 litre) shredding chamber.

190 (0.12 sq.m.) shredding screen.

Interchangeable shredding screens (20mm and 40mm supplied) 60mm screen option available.

Two double-edged chipper knives, easily sharpened and replaced.

54 reversible fixed hammers.

Four 12″-diameter wheels with 4″- wide pneumatic tyres.

Weight 484lb (220kg).

48″ (1220mm) loading height.

Height 55.5″ (1410mm), length 62.5″ (1590mm), width 35.5″ (900mm).

Output 2-3 cu.m. (70-100 cu.ft.) per hour.

Built-in tractor tow hitch.

Safe, rugged, dependable.

Easily managed and maintained.

The Globe Forester Shredder Chipper, with its 4-inch chipping capacity, is the top of the range and intended for use in the largest gardens and estates. Its extra engine power, extra hammers and extra-large shredding chamber give it the ability to do all the jobs its smaller brothers can do but much more quickly.

The output of any shredder is directly related to its engine size and the Forester can produce over 50% more – both shredding and chipping – than the 8.5/9hp Garden Master and 150% more than the 5.5 hp machine. Its 4-inch chipper not only copes with thicker branches but handles smaller and bushier branches more quickly. In a garden where time is money, the Forester soon repays the extra outlay.

The 10-hp Ruggerini diesel engine delivers the same power as the 13-hp petrol engine and offers the economy of running on agricultural diesel fuel, where this is available, and the fuel savings repay the higher initial cost over the working life of the machine.

The Forester’s wide pneumatic tyres spread its load over a large surface area enabling it to be moved easily over soft ground. One person can pull it along quite easily or it can be hitched behind a tractor, ATV or ride-on mower to move it longer distances or over rough ground. The pneumatic tyres combine with the large engine muffler to reduce vibration and engine noise to a minimum.