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Composting with a Globe Organic ComposTumbler

What’s So Great About Compost Made From the ComposTumbler ?

It’s superior, more nutrient-rich compost than you can get from a messy, smelly, fly-infested compost pile – because the nutrients can’t leach into the ground!

Builds disease-resistance in all kinds of plants!

Rewards you with bigger yields and better quality vegetables and beautiful flowers!

As a mulch, it virtually “smothers” annoying weeds … retains moisture in your soil … feeds your growing plants … and stabilizes soil temperature to ensure steady, healthy, growth.

Offers you a smart recycling solution for your organic waste – more important than ever in these days of overflowing landfills!

Builds humus – living, actively decaying organic matter in your soil – that improves soil structure, texture, fertility, drainage and aeration.

Lets you make your own superior “custom” potting soil that grows hardier, healthier houseplants!

Acts as an attractive mulch that feeds your soil while it helps to keep your garden looking neat and clean!

It’s easy to make – you’ll have finished compost in just 14 days!

Three Easy Steps to Nutrient-Rich Compost … No matter which size ComposTumbler you use! Try the ComposTumbler and discover the “gold” in your garden, too!

Open your ComposTumbler door, and throw in all your pulled weeds … grass clippings … kitchen waste … overripe crops … dead flowers … any kind of organic material you can find – (for optimum results, shred them first). Close the door and start dreaming about the great garden you’re going to have!

Within hours the “magic” begins. Millions of oxygen-consuming bacteria go to work. Because the greatest activity occurs in the inner “core,” the secret of 14-day compost is to change this core daily. So give the easy-to-turn handle on your ComposTumbler about five turns just once each day. This mixes and aerates your organic material to build up a heat core (of up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit!) to speed decomposition and kill weed seeds!、

After 14 days, open the door and empty your rich, sweet-smelling compost. It’s ready to use to help you build your soil and boost the health and productivity of all your plants – from your favourite flowers and tasty tomatoes to the fern in your living room! In a traditional backyard compost pile, it would have taken six months to a year (and endless hours of backbreaking work!) to get compost – and it wouldn’t be the superior quality of your ComposTumbler compost!

THE 24 cu. ft. (650 litres) ORIGINAL SIZE
A “must” for large properties and avid gardeners!

The perfect choice if you’re planning to compost grass clippings all summer long! The Original ComposTumbler is the right size for you if your property is home to large trees that drop bushels of leaves each autumn … if you have a sizeable vegetable garden … or if your landscaping includes lots of annuals that can be composted at the end of the season.
Large 650 litre capacity helps you make enough compost for all your trees, shrubs, garden and indoor plants.
Drum sits 27″ off the ground for easy loading and unloading right into your Smart Cart or wheelbarrow.
Gear-driven drum means easy, no-slip turning – even when it’s full!
DIMENSIONS: 68″ High, 40″ Wide, 40″ Deep (173 x 102 x 102 cm). Weight 50kg (110lb).
SHIPPING INFORMATION: The Original ComposTumbler is shipped in two heavy-duty cardboard boxes.
Box 1 measures 38″ x 38″ x 8″ (97 x 96 x 20cm) and weighs 66lb (30kg).
Box 2 measures 42″ x 37″ x 3″ (106 x 94 x 7cm) and weighs 57lb (26kg).
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Patented aerator/drainage units on the door that are specially designed for proper air intake without spilled compost.
Attractive green colour that blends into your landscape.
Interior mixing fins that promote thorough mixing for faster decomposition.
Screened vents on endcaps to assure even air flow.
Strong tubular steel frames for firm support.
Galvanized metal drums that are rust-proofed for long life.

THE 12 cu. ft. (340 litres) COMPACT SIZE
Just right for the gardener with a small property.

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient, way to compost your kitchen throw-outs, grass clippings, and organic garden wastes, our compact unit is just right for you! The Compact ComposTumbler quickly recycles it into nutrient-rich compost. It works on the same remarkable design features as our larger unit, but with half the capacity.
Handy 340 litre capacity lets you make just the right amount of compost for your smaller property needs.
Drum sits 13″ off the ground so the handle is at the perfect position for easy turning – a real delight for anyone who’s ever had a back problem!
Gear panel is moulded into the drum cap and positioned for effortless turning without slipping.
DIMENSIONS: 43″ High, 35″ Wide, 34″ Deep (109 x 89 x 86 cm). Weight 30kg (66lb).
SHIPPING INFORMATION: The Compact ComposTumbler is shipped in a heavy-duty cardboard box measuring 38″ x 34″ x 8″ (95 x 86 x 20cm) and weighing 70lb (32kg).
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“How to Make Superior Compost”
Success with your ComposTumbler is guaranteed when you follow the easy tips and recipes you’ll find in this valuable guide to making compost. It’s yours FREE with your ComposTumbler! In it you’ll learn :
The keys to successful composting.
Easy instructions for “beginning” composters.
Smart tips for using your ComposTumbler.
Easy-to-follow steps to make your first “trial run” batch of compost in the ComposTumbler.
How to get the carbon/nitrogen ratio right – every time!
Some surefire “recipes” for first-rate compost using easy-to-obtain organic materials.