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Shredder Chippers from Globe Organic Services

Shredder Chippers – A range of machines providing unbeatable performance and power at affordable prices.

Which machine would be best for me? .

ModelMaximum thickness
of material
Maximum output volume per hourRecommended
for gardens of
InchesMillimetresCubic FeetCubic Metres
Brushmaster2.563170.5 Up to half an acre
Garden Master 5.5-hp models3753511 acre
Garden Master 9-hp models375521.51 to 1.5 acres
Forester (petrol or diesel)4100702.02 acres
Forester PTO4100Depends on tractor horsepower2 to 3 acres
Greenline 5445125280 – 3158 – 9Over 3 acres
Greenline 5455125280 – 3158 – 9Over 3 acres

More than anything else, the choice of machine is governed by the size of your property, because that usually determines how much material you will have to recycle. Do you have hedges all round? Do you have lots of large trees or shrubs? Do you want to dispose of the rootballs of potted plants or the contents of old hanging baskets? Do you want to grind up the contents of an old compost heap? If so, that will influence your choice of machine.

Make sure the engine is big enough for the job. Better to have a little extra in hand than always to be struggling for power.

A larger engine or a larger model of machine will cost a little more but will do more work in a given time, with less fatigue.

Modern engines are easier to pull-start than they ever were but battery-electric start takes all the effort out of the task. It costs a little more but, if you are elderly or of small build, it is worth having.

Don’t over-economise. This is a long-term investment you are thinking about!

Why buy from Globe rather than from your local garden machinery dealer?

Globe is a company established in the garden machinery business over 20 years. We are experts in recycling. We are large enough to cope and small enough to care.

We can offer you a machine to suit your circumstances, the size of your garden and the kind of thing that grows there.

We can often demonstrate a machine on your premises, processing the material you want to recycle, allowing you to judge how well it performs before you commit yourself.

The machine of your choice will be delivered to your door.

What about maintenance?

All our machines are robust and well-engineered so maintenance is minimal.

Maintenance is easy and well within the capacity of the average householder or handyman.

We can supply a toolkit if you need it. (Click to see our parts and accessories page.)

Spares are easily obtained from us by post or next-day carrier service.

We will maintain your machine if you wish, on a scheduled or on-demand basis, at minimal cost.

We deliver and maintain machines the length and breadth of the country, every day of the week. Our drivers are qualified to demonstrate, service and repair any machine in our range.

More about maintenance

The most common maintenance job is sharpening the chipper knife or knives. Some machines have one, some two. A sharp knife makes the machine chip faster and run quieter.

The knives are easily removed and replaced.

They can be sharpened by you using a grindstone, angle grinder or diamond file (click to see our parts and accessories page) or by your local garden machinery dealer.

You can send them to us by post for sharpening and next-day return.

Other common parts can be ordered by telephone and supplied by post or carrier.