Brushmaster 5.5-hp Petrol-engined Shredder Chipper

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Our most compact petrol-engined garden shredder chipper

British made – BS EN294:1992 compliant.
5.5-hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine.
Easy manual start.
Chips and shreds up to 2½” (63mm) diameter.
Two chipper knives, easily removed and resharpened.
Wide feed chute for easy input.
Variable shredding control: coarse/medium/fine.
Engine safety cut-out.
Easy access to shredding chamber.
Discharges into bag or basket.
Two 12″ wheels with totally puncture-proof solid rubber tyres.
Weight 134 lb (61kg ).
Loading height 38″ (97mm) .
Height 46″ (1170mm), depth 47.5″ (1210mm), width 28.5″ (720mm).
Output 1 cu.m (35 cu.ft) per hour. .
Safe, rugged, dependable.
Easily managed.

The Brushmaster can handle any organic garden waste, up to 2½ inches (63mm) diameter, with minimum effort. Much faster and more efficient than any small electric shredder.

Easy to move!.

The Brushmaster is the ideal shredder chipper for a garden of up to half an acre in size – big enough to clear up all the rubbish quickly and efficiently, small enough to be stored in a shed and moved around by one person.

Its 5.5-hp Briggs and Stratton petrol engine is directly coupled to a heavy steel rotor plate equipped with two tool-steel chipper knives and two shredding bars. The wide feed chute allows large quantities of garden waste to be fed in and quickly shredded – as large or small as you like. The shredding control lets you choose.

All the usual kinds of organic waste – hedge and shrub trimmings, tree prunings, leaves, dead plants, and branches up to 2½ inches (63mm) in diameter – can be disposed of with minimum effort. The chips and shreddings fall into a bag or other container for quick transfer to a barrow or the compost heap.

The Brushmaster is the complete answer for those gardeners who have found electric shredders too small, inefficient and easily clogged up. Ruggedly constructed for long life and trouble-free service. Affordably priced. Made by Globe, the leading British manufacturer of quality garden shredders. Available now!

Why should I buy a Globe Brushmaster and not a cheaper lookalike? .

Shredders that look alike are not necessarily alike inside.

The Globe Brushmaster engine has a one-inch diameter crankshaft, as recommended by engine manufacturers for direct-drive operation. Some lookalikes have cheaper 3/4-inch shafts.

A 3/4-inch shaft has 44% less cross-sectional area than a one-inch shaft and is therefore that much weaker.

The Globe Brushmaster’s one-inch-shaft engine is application approved by the engine manufacturer and therefore carries the manufacturer’s warranty for use in our shredder chipper.

Globe machines carry lifetime technical support. If you have a problem, you can speak direct to someone who knows your machine inside-out.

The Globe Brushmaster is delivered right to your door – and no extra charge for delivery.

The Globe Brushmaster is built right here in Britain and is built to last.

The Globe Brushmaster is the best in its class.