‘Back Porch’ composter

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How to make “Instant” compost
Make endless amounts of nutrient-rich compost (nature’s fertiliser) in weeks (instead of months) simply, effortlessly, economically!

The Back Porch ComposTumbler

A household size composter for daily amounts of kitchen and household throwouts – finished compost in 4-6 weeks! Small size is great for your deck, porch, right outside your kitchen door, or next to your recycling bin.

Designed for the back porch or garden, this new insulated design lets you compost into cooler weather.
Unique small size is ideal for suburban gardeners, small households and urban properties.

Great for winter composting when you don’t need a large ComposTumbler

The perfect size for today’s households!
37″ high x 28″ deep x 32″ wide (94 x 71 x 81 cm)
Weight 16kg (35lb)
Drum is 25″ diameter and 25″ wide (64 cm dia. x 64 cm wide)
Holds up to 5 cubic feet (150 litres)
Ships in a heavy-duty cardboard box measuring 28″ x 12½” x 27″ (72 x 32 x 68cm) and weighing 36lb (17kg).
Made of double-wall, high-density polyethylene
3/4″ insulating air cell (at some places it’s even more) for year-round use
Exclusive aerator/drainage unit on the bottom
Screened vents on each side
Four inside mixing fins
Two 6″ wheels make it easy to move
2½” deep grooves for easy turning
The frame sits on two wheels so you can easily move your Back Porch ComposTumbler – and take your compost right to your flower beds
Frame made of polyester powder-coated steel tubing

Four 2.5″ deep grooves provide a firm grip that makes it easy to turn the Back Porch ComposTumbler.

Just toss in your daily throwouts and in seconds a day you’re composting.
You can turn your organic kitchen scraps into rich, reusable compost. The big hinged door makes access easy. Plus, it can quickly be removed for dumping out finished compost.

Decomposition starts right away so your Back Porch ComposTumbler never fills up, even though you’re adding to it every day! It’s your bottomless garbage pail! You need no mixing tools. Make sure the door is closed, put your fingers in the grooves and give the ComposTumbler about four easy spins. Inside, your new throwouts are getting mixed into your compost and oxygen is introduced, speeding decomposition and eliminating odours.
In 4 – 6 weeks you’ll have nutrient-rich, all natural, ready-to-use homemade compost.

You can compost
Kitchen Scraps
Egg shells
Coffee grounds
Tea bags
Vegetable peelings
Fruit peelings
Melon rinds
Corn husks
Rotting veggies and fruits

Household Wastes
Wilted flower arrangements
Shredded newspaper (b&w only)
Droppings from birds/hamsters
Sawdust and wood shavings
Dead leaves from houseplants

Garden Throwouts
Spent flowers
Shrub clippings
Old plants
Plant trimmings
Grass clippings

5 Year Warranty
The Back Porch ComposTumbler is warranted against any manufacturer’s defects in materials or workmanship for 5 years from the date of delivery. We will replace any defective part or the entire unit if necessary, at our expense. This warranty is given only to the original purchaser and is not transferable, nor does it apply to damage caused by misuse.

The frame sits on two wheels so you can easily move your Back Porch Compos-
Tumbler – and take your compost right to your flower beds.

Try it for 60 Days – Risk Free! Try the Back Porch ComposTumbler for 60 days. If after 60 days from delivery you are not satisfied, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price (less return carriage). (Available UK Mainland only)