PTO Forester

PTO Forester Shredder Chipper

Well designed professional products for serious gardeners, country estates, landscapers, smallholders, local authorities.

British made. BS EN294:1992 compliant
{short description of image} Operates from category 1 tractor with power-take-off drive.
{short description of image} Supplied with quick-release PTO drive shaft.
Triple A-section V-belts gear-up the 540 PTO speed to 1350rpm.
Chips up to 4″ (100mm) diameter.
Shreds up to 5/8″ (15mm) diameter.
1.6 cu. ft (45 litre) shredding chamber.
190 (0.12 sq.m.) shredding screen.
Interchangeable shredding screens (20mm and 40mm supplied.
Two double-edged chipper knives, easily sharpened and replaced.
54 reversible fixed hammers.
Weight 4001b (182kg).
Height 56″ (1425mm), length 52.75″ (1340mm).
Width (chipper chute up) 39.75″ (1010mm).
Width (chipper chute down) 51.25″ (1250mm).
Shredder chute loading height 49″ (1250mm).
Output 2-5 cu.m (70 – 160 cu.ft) per hour, depending on available tractor power.
Safe, rugged, dependable.
Easily managed and maintained.

The Forester PTO has the same shredding and chipping specification as the 13-hp Forester but is built to mount on the 3-point linkage of a category 1 agricultural tractor and operate from its rear 540-rpm power-take-off drive. Within the shredder chipper, triple A-section V-belts gear-up the PTO speed to drive the rotor at 1350 rpm.

Attaches to any category 1 agricultural or compact tractor which has a 13/8″ six-spline rear PTO drive. Category 1 encompasses tractors of up to 33kW (44hp) and the smallest suitable tractor is one of 12hp. The shredder/chipper will not attach to a ride-on mower or a Countax or Westfield garden tractor.

A quick-release PTO drive shaft equipped with a radial-pin clutch that slips at a preset load of 300Nm with an audible warning is supplied with the shredder/chipper. The shaft has a 13/8″ six-spline coupling at each end but other shafts can be supplied to suit old or none-standard tractors – especially old Fergies!

This is a very versatile and powerful unit which provides the transportability necessary for the largest properties and the reduced running costs of agricultural diesel fuel.